Rally in Capital Cities around Australia on March the 4th 2018.

Lone Fathers Association Australia is changing. We are going right out this year to have the broken Family Law System and the Family Law Courts abolished and replaced with a tribunal or a much fairer system with the Paramount Rights of the Child being the forefront in every case. We are starting off with a […]

Child Support letters a deluge

Noel Towell Reporter for The Canberra Times Family law groups describe the volume of letters coming from the CSA as ‘staggering’. A man who received 37 letters from the Child Support Agency in one day is not an isolated case, with the public service outfit battling for years to control a computer system that just […]

Lone Fathers Association Australia (Inc) Facebook site

The Lone Fathers Association Australia (Inc) has been receiving many interesting posts on the Facebook site. A recent post some weeks ago had a dad from Australia contacting a dads group in Trinidad. He was very distraught and asked for assistance and in guidelines to obtaining residency in Trinidad. His wife of a few years told him that she was leaving to […]

Court takes child off mother and reverses lives with parent status

Courier Mail QLDJudge makes tough decisionsNovember 2014Selfish separated parents who try to stop their children having a relationship with their former partners are having the kids taken off them by courts.A judge recently took the drastic step of ordering that a girl, eight, who had lived with her mother since her parents separated when she […]

New Melbourne Branch


The LFAA proposed to open a new branch in Melbourne on Wednesday the 11th September 2014, at the East Malvern RSL at 7-30pm. LFAA has the largest membership of any lone parents organisation, includes both men and women, and does not discriminate against the sexes. The meeting will be open to the public.and anyone with […]