New Melbourne Branch


The LFAA proposed to open a new branch in Melbourne on Wednesday the 11th September 2014, at the East Malvern RSL at 7-30pm.

LFAA has the largest membership of any lone parents organisation, includes both men and women, and does not discriminate against the sexes. The meeting will be open to the public.and anyone with family law or child support problems are very welcome to attend.

The opening of the Melbourne branch, which will be No. 22, will add another chapter to our Team of Volunteers around Australia,and help us to bring in a system that is fair to both sides.

This follows on from our Fathers Day protest march in Sydney on Sunday 1st September. We are holding a protest about the system, which does not support the rights of the child

to have contact with one of their parents. The Australian Bureau of Statistics show over 1,000,000 children (aged from 0 –17) have a natural living parent living elsewhere, and

300,000 children are alienated from their fathers. The Courts admit they can’t enforce the orders, and when they can it is at a terrible cost to the alienated parent.

This is child abuse at its worst and must be stopped. We are the leaders in Australia of Family Law Reform and recognised by both sides of the Parliament for our achievements

over the last 4 decades.

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