Lone Fathers Association Australia (Inc) Facebook site

The Lone Fathers Association Australia (Inc) has been receiving many interesting posts on the Facebook site.

A recent post some weeks ago had a dad from Australia contacting a dads group in Trinidad.

He was very distraught and asked for assistance and in guidelines to obtaining residency in Trinidad. His wife of a few years told him that she was leaving to Trinidad on 1 month holiday with their 2 kids neither of which who have crossed the age of 3 .He alleged that after the extension of the first month he began sending $22,000TTD a month to her to upkeep their ” local vacation” that 3 months later transformed to a migration.

Father was frustrated with his wife kept  making excuses to return home decided to cut the financial contributions,this is wherein he said it went from bad to worst, he was then cut off from telephone and facetime contact to his kids and his wife.

For days of the week before attempts were made to contact both by him and myself to no avail so we decided to start looking at ways at either getting him residency or at least a work permit for 2 years seeing that he had been offered a job here by a very well known company. This dad was ready to kiss the kangaroos goodbye to try to save his family or at least gain contact to his kids. He was positive about it , things were looking good but things took a drastic turn for the worst after he made a phone call.

Last Saturday the father finally got hold of the mother via telephone, who then explained to him that during her extended 4 month vacation back here in Trinidad she had found a new man and was now in love and would not be returning to Australia with his kids. These are the sorts of cases we get that are extremely difficult to deal with.

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