The Noos Vol 10 – 2015 Winter

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LFAA has just completed another year which was both busy and successful in helping men women and children with family breakdown problems, family law, child support, housing, domestic violence,health and more.

The Australian government has been advised that it could be “risky” to continue funding advocacy organisations, and the LFAA was given the opportunity to prove we are a direct service and not an advocacy service. We were successful, and are grateful to the Australian Government for acknowledging this.

We also thank the Ministers, Senators and MPs for their backing to retain our funding.

LFAA will be continuing its programs and adding new programs.

Family breakdown in Australia is now a $14 billion per annum industry (and some sources put it at $21 billion). This is a complete disgrace, and those unfortunate enough to be going through relationship breakdown are left shattered with the system that milks them dry.

Noos Winter 2015

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