Our Aims

Our aims are:

To represent to the community, government, and other agencies, the special needs of lone fathers and their families as a significant group in the population.

To promote and assist the development of a better understanding and equity in the family courts on residency, access, shared care and property settlement.

To aid, assist, and encourage lone fathers to support and sustain their children and do their utmost to prevent any abuse (physical or emotional) of children.

To promote an explicit code of conduct and behaviour for lone fathers with special emphasis on the welfare of their children, and develop acceptable methods by which lone fathers can handle problems affecting their children.

To promote and encourage the best possible practice on access and residency matters, always with the happiness and emotional well-being of the child as the primary consideration, accepting that each child needs the love and guidance of both father and mother.

To open Branches in various States and Territories and endeavour to educate Branch Committees in suicide prevention, basic family law, knowledge of child support and other issues relating to separation.

To encourage lone fathers not to degrade their former partner in any way to young children, as this affects children in many ways.

The Lone Fathers Association is a non-sectarian, non-political, educational and welfare organisation devoted to the best interests of the children by way of educating and supporting fathers, mothers, grandparents, relatives, and extended family, and

To work towards bringing in a fair and equitable family law and child support system and also grandparents rights